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Kevin Trahan
Trahan Oilfield Consulting was founded in 2005, by Kevin Trahan, as a supplier of contract engineering services, contract marketing services, and management consulting services for oil and gas industry service companies.

Over the years, our services have expanded to include expert and consulting services for cases involving alleged product failures, as well as intellectual property issues.

ur success stems from a top-notch staff and Kevin's wide range of responsibilities in the oil services industry. This includes years of experience as:
Kevin Trahan, ME
1992 Graduate of Texas A&M University
B.S Mechanical Engineering
Inventor on more than 10 U.S. Patents
In June, 2003, Kevin left the corporate world and started Braveaux Services, LLC, a provider of wholesale liner hanger equipment and technology, as well as contract engineering services, and technical expertise in liner hanger and completion sales and operations. This company was acquired by Allamon Tool Company, Inc. on December 31, 2004.
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